Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take a Mystery Trip. Cheesy fun!

First of all, I can’t take total credit for this clever idea. A few years ago, our friends who have a family of three told us about an activity that was sparking some fun in their marriage.On those fine occasions where they were able to get out for date night, they took turns planning a Mystery Trip date.

So by simple definition, the Mystery Trip is a surprise activity that one of you plans. Sure, it can be the ole standby, dinner and a movie, but it’s a lot more fun to think of something a bit unexpected. Key to the mystery trip success is that it’s not revealed until you arrive at the destination. Better yet, you can apply the Mystery Trip concept to the whole family. My kids outright scream when they hear, “we’re going on a mystery trip!” MTs can be day long excursions or quick jaunts to the grocery store. With older kids, you can let them take turns picking the Mystery Trip.  If this all sounds a little corny, it is!

Have any of your own ideas? Share them here.

 Mystery Trip ideas for date night:

  • Dinner at favorite burger joint then bowling
  • Pack a cooler and watch sunset with your hunny at beach/park, lookout point
  • Drive-in movie
  • Afternoon bike ride (stop for lunch, read the paper, catch up on Facebook)
  • The dog/horse races (they have $2 races)

 Mystery Trips with the kids:

  •  The coffee shop - bring puzzles/games (kids get steamers, you get caffeine)
  • An ice cream store run - post afternoon nap or dinner
  • Hiking a trail at a state park
  • If you have any near you, take em to one of those
  • tourist places along the highway (Alligator World)
  • A fun city landmark
  • Flea market for older kids
  • IKEA


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